Monday, October 12, 2015

Johnny Burbank - 100 Years of Net Making History

100 years ago Johnny Burbank's Grandfather William "Pop" Burbank began hand-crafting nets, and Johnny is no different. His netting abilities come from a lifetime, and a family history of custom hand made netting. His family started out with beach seine nets that helped sustain the Fernandina Beach community during hard times. Then the Burbank family began building shrimp trawls and became one of the largest producers of nets around. And finally, in the 1970s transitioning into sports nets and becoming a leader in that sector as well. Through the years Johnny Burbank and his family has helped shape the netting industry, and he is continuing to do so with his new company Netting Professionals. Located in Fernandina Beach, Johnny and Netting Professionals are continuing a net making legacy.

Johnny Burbank revolutionized the baseball backstop net industry with the installation of UHMWPE netting fiber at hundreds of baseball and softball stadiums nation-wide. This fiber was first used by the his family making shrimp trawl nets that helped conserve fuel consumption by shrimp boats in the 70s.

In addition to backstop nets, Johnny has fabricated and installed thousands of batting cages, golf nets, football nets, soccer nets, and nets of all shapes and sizes.

 Carrying on the family business for future generations, Johnny is now even teaching his little grandson the lessons of hard work, faith in God, and perseverance.

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