There are lots of ways to improve your baseball or softball facility, but a commonly over-looked aspect is the dugout rail. Many standard fields are constructed with basic chain link protection for dugouts, which often leave players and coaches feeling like they're in a cage.  Adding a padded dugout rail with netting infill will not only improve the visibility of the overall appearance of the field, but also provides for a nice lean-to point. Lean rails encourage players to get up off the bench, and get more engaged in the game. 
As many dugout layouts are different, a customized dugout rail setup is helpful, as it can be designed to fit the dugout and provide necessary protection for players and coaches that may be sitting down. Customization options for rails include return rails on the ends of the dugout for side protection, openings at the front, middle and ends to allow of fielders and batters to enter / exit the playing surface, foot rails, full height rails for over-throw protection, and more.
Additionally, dugout rails can be a great place to advertise. Netting Professionals offers a variety of rail pads, from economical SF Tubular padding, to grommeted rail pads, to square style pro rail padding. The vinyl covered pads can be custom printed with our high-quality white ink digital printing system, making it easy to add graphics, websites, team lettering, or advertising to your rails.
Some dugouts are situated in very close proximity to home plate, in which case, foul balls may present a more prominent threat even from the waist up. In these cases, full height dugout netting may be needed. Many softball fields and stadiums have very close dugouts...and as an example, the SEC has recently mandated that all softball dugouts have full height netting protection. 
Deciding how to configure a dugout rail setup for your facility may require some additional expertise. The friendly experts at Netting Professionals will be happy to design a dugout rail or dugout netting protection system specifically for your field. 
Call or email us today for more information on custom dugout rails. We can design, fabricate, and install complete dugout rail and dugout net protection systems from the actual galvanized rails, to the padding, to the netting infill. We also offer a variety of materials to fit any budget.
Eli Rowe
Project Manager
Netting Professionals, LLC